Common 4 Dog Poison

There are many things that can be beneficial for the health of the dog but some things act like poison for the body of the dog. Those who love dogs and bring them home find a mate with whom they can share and enjoy their special bond. These people like to share what they have with their mate and so, they also share their food and many other things which can be poisonous for the dog because things are not suitable for the dog’s body or not made for that breed of dog. There are some foods that can be poisonous to dogs but some human activities and if these things are not corrected they can take the life of their dog. Here are some actions and things that should not be followed so that they do not become poisonous for your dog and do not kill them.

Drug overdoses: There are some medications that should be given in the case of a dog, but only in limited quantities because an overdose of these drugs can adversely affect and even kill the dog. Acetaminophen, naproxen and ibuprofen are some products that can have a very negative effect on dogs, including some herbal and nutraceuticals.
Prescription drugs for humans: There are some drugs that are made only for humans and if given to dogs can have different effects on the dog’s body. Dogs have a list of drugs that have a very bad effect on the dog’s body and are:
Anti-inflammatory and pain reliever drugs: They affect the dog’s body as it can cause abdominal pain and intestinal ulcers or kidney failure.

Medications that are antidepressants: These drugs affect the body in such a way that the dog starts vomiting all the time and sometimes suffers from severe cases like serotonin. This is a serious condition where the dog’s heart rate may increase, body temperature may rise and even blood pressure may rise. The dog may also suffer from convulsions.
Man-made food: People have a habit of taking fast food in their diet and their partner asks them to share their food with them but people should control their emotions and not like it with their dog. The offer to share food items should be turned down. Food is good for humans but in the case of dogs it can be very dangerous because the metabolism of dogs and humans is completely different from each other, so food should also be different. To avoid this type of poisoning, it is important to avoid sharing certain foods with dogs. Preferred foods to avoid alcohol, macadamia nuts, xylitol, avocados, grapes and raisins.
Chocolate: The most used and famous thing among people is chocolate and it has two causes, the first is because of its taste and the second is because of its benefits to the human body. At the same time, the same chocolate is very dangerous for dogs because it can kill them. Chocolate contains a product called Methylxanthines which is very dangerous for dogs and as soon as this product enters the dog’s body it starts to have a small effect on the body first and then its big effect is seen. A small amount of chocolate in a dog’s body can cause vomiting, but an increase in chocolate can lead to dog death. The tolerance of chocolate in the dog’s body varies depending on the size of the dog because small dogs can die from the presence of small amounts of chocolate and some large dogs can tolerate 6 to 8 ounces of chocolate in their body. 8 ounces is the maximum amount of chocolate that a dog’s body can tolerate.
Dogs are allergic to many things but some foods act as toxins for their body. There are many people who have no idea about this kind of thing and so give their dog some of these things and as a result their mates have to give up their lives. To avoid all of these things, we’ve come up with articles that will help people learn about these products and help their dogs live a little longer.

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