Nowadays many people choose to be self employed Ielts task 2 sample answer

Nowadays many people choose to be self employed, rather than to work for a company or organisation.

Why might this be the case?

What could be the disadvantages of being self employed?


Answer –


‘Self employment is the best employment’- is a very common belief that everyone is tought in the school. In recent years,youngsters therefore more prone to be an entrepreneur rather than working other’s supervision. Where limited job opportunities, creating employment opportunities for others etc act as the driving force to be a self sufficient person however, they have to go through immense pressure and take high risks in their road to success. In densely populated country like Bangladesh, population is accelerating very swiftly whereas job opportunities are still limited. For instance, in ‘Bangladesh Civil Service’ examination in 2021 four hundred thousand candidate had applied against tweenty three thousand vacancies. This situation became acute in the time of COVID 19 epidemic when every kinds of government appointments were postponed. Adversities like these encouraged lot of people to start their own business rather depend on others which has created a great number of employment opportunities for others as to run a business one need manpower. For instance, after being dropped out from university Mark Zuckerberg has established Facebook which is considered as one of largest business organisations in the world as it has created job opportunities for innumerable graduates. Nonetheless, to establish as a successful entrepreneur one has to encounter a lot of obstacles. Frist of all, it constitutes risks as if there is no risk,there is no gain. A business personality has to take critical decisions and if they go wrong, there are possibilities of losing everything. Immense mental pressure therefore becomes a part of his life and sometimes mental peacefulness eliminates from his life. To recapitulate, though a business professional has to undergo uncertainties and stress, commerce is better than jobs as it has opened all the doors of success if it can be properly executed.

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