The pie charts describes units of electricity production by different fuel source in Australia and France in 1980 and 2000.

The pie charts provide information about unite of electricity produced using in five different sources in six countries in Australia and france in the year 1980 and 2000. Overall, electricity produced contribute the most nuclear power. Whereas, In countries using oil made up the smallest part of chart. In Australia coal was used to produce 50 unit of electricity. After that, 2 decades it reached to 130 unit. In contrast, natural gas was used to produce 20 unit of electricity, on the other hand, Hydro power it seen a huge decline in the year 2000 as it used to produce just 2 units of electricity. In France nuclear power was used to produce 15 unit in 1980 and 2 decades it holdout to increased dramatically 126 unit of electricity in 2000. In the next source coal and oil maintain the same level 25 unit of electricity in 2000 as it used to produce coal and natural gas 25 unit of electricity in 1980.

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